New Year, New Opportunities

The New Year is an opportunity to get a fresh start, learn something new or take on a new professional challenge.

At Channel Marketing Journal, we try to approach every edition like it’s New Year’s Day by delivering fresh insights on how to succeed in the pursuit of your personal goals — for your business, your partners and your own professional growth. 

In this edition, we cover it all, starting with a video of our interview with Sanjay Gupta, who’s barely one month into his new role at LogicMonitor as GVP of Channels & Strategic Alliances. Sanjay thrives on new challenges and has some valuable lessons to share on driving growth — whether turning around a channel or building one from the ground up. 

And as you’ll learn in this 2112 Group podcast, much can be gained from piggybacking on opportunities created by external trends and other marketers — a strategy that works very well for Barracuda MSP and Microsoft. 

But what’s an article about New Year’s without at least one mention of self-improvement? According to a December 2019 YouGov survey, exercising more and saving money are the most popular resolutions among Americans making them. And while we don’t have any tips for reaching these goals (at least not in this edition), we can share a recommendation on how to be more productive (with very little effort, I might add). Check out this Fast Company article on the secrets of the most productive people to find out!