PartnerOn Website Drives Channel Sales

“If you haven’t already started using PartnerOn, you should. There’s content for everybody. There’s content that can start bringing leads to your website.”

— Tate Lillies, Chief Marketing Officer, BlueSilverShift

ContentMX, creator of the first streaming service for channel marketing, recently launched — a new website to help vendors show partners the business-building benefits of engaging more regularly and relevantly with well-informed technology buyers.

Modeled on modern streaming services like Netflix, PartnerOn helps vendors increase sales to and through the channel by making it easy for partners to execute always-on, customer-focused marketing campaigns. 

“Technology buyers are better informed and more collaborative than ever — and they rely on service providers for the guidance and information they need to validate technology purchases,” says Ken Keyes, Director of PartnerOn Sales at ContentMX. “With PartnerOn, they don’t have to hunt for it. It’s streamed right to them — all vetted and paid for by the vendors.”

PartnerOn supports over 4,000 partners, with active users reporting impressive results such as growing sales 40%, increasing leads 220% and even closing sales on Facebook.

How Works

PartnerOn makes it easy for solution providers, MSP’s and other channel sellers to get the content they need to grow business from the vendors they work with. Today, PartnerOn streams content from top technology vendors including Microsoft, HPE, Citrix and CarbonBlack to name a few. The program is 100% free for partners.

Here’s how it works. Every week, the PartnerOn platform automatically streams vendor campaigns directly to partners’ accounts in an episodic fashion. Partners can then click and share the campaign content to their social media accounts, websites and email marketing platforms — using pre-crafted, customizable social media posts and emails to personalize the communications and promote their value propositions.

Conquering Content Chaos

With more of the buyer’s journey happening online and most C-level executives using social media to inform purchasing decisions, “conquering content chaos” (a phrase adapted from a Microsoft Inspire session title) is a must for empowering partners to scale digital marketing. 

For Microsoft and a growing number of technology marketers, PartnerOn is a big part of the solution — giving partners the content they need to grow leads without detracting from their core competencies. 

Tate Lillies, Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft partner company BlueSilverShift, uses PartnerOn to help drive website traffic, telling attendees at an Inspire session on Microsoft partner marketing services: “If you haven’t already started using PartnerOn, you should. There’s content for everybody. There’s content that can start bringing leads to your website.” 

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