What’s So Funny About Social Distancing?

Under a bright sun, eerie silence. No kids running to the bus. Few cars on the road. No office chatter. Has the world come to a stop? 

Welcome to Dystopia, reminiscent of  The Andromeda Strain or Contagion — the Steven Soderbergh film about how diseases spread, the difficulty of finding cures and the missteps that make it worse. 

Anyone need a drink? This is too real. What’s also real is our ability to find humor in the moments that until recently, existed only in our imaginations or the movies.

In this edition of Channel Marketing Journal, we aim to break the monotony of working ‘home alone’ by sharing stories about the fun, the funny, the crazy and “well, isn’t that interesting” things happening while social distancing in the channel. 

Animal Planet

Did the Covid-19 lockdown really drive dolphins and swans back to the Italian waterways? What about the passed out, drunk elephants in China? Wish I could say these are true stories. But envisioning them does give me a laugh, and personally, I’m a huge fan of elephants whether drunk or sober.

Bathroom Etiquette

Pro Tip: The camera icon on your video conferencing app is your best friend. You may be comfortable talking or working from the bathroom, but your co-workers (or customers) may not be. When you need a reminder of the risks of doing business when you’re doing your business, check out this video from TechMom, a Boston-area tech consultant and friend of Channel Marketing Journal.   

Give Yourself a Break

School and office closures have inspired a lot of families to get creative with break time. At my house, we’ve joined other families on a quest to get famous on Tik Tok — the mobile app for capturing life’s creative, precious moments. In other homes, the family kitchen serves double duty as the break room.

Make Us Laugh

Humor can provide a mental and physical boost — a good thing to remember while working from home in these extraordinary circumstances. At Channel Marketing Journal, we’d love to be in on the funny things you’ve seen, done or heard while social distancing or under Covid-19 lockdown. Please get in touch to share your words, photos and/or videos.