27 Motivational Songs for Your Remote Work Playlist

Remote work has become the new norm as governments across the US get serious about slowing the spread of Covid-19. And while working from home every once in a while is a perk, it can impact motivation and morale when required unexpectedly.

A quick internet search will bring up lots of great tips for staying engaged while working from home. But what about the motivational power of music? 

The power of music to energize is widely known — making now as good a time as any to resurrect Jeff’s mostly-clean, Spotify playlist, which he calls the Soundtrack of the Channel

Compiled from Channel Marketing Journal team favorites and recommendations from Jeff’s LinkedIn page, these songs will hopefully give you an extra dose of motivation during these uncertain times.

  1. Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen (Nick Buono, CMJ)
  2. Fight Song, Rachel Platten (Julie Venables, CMJ)
  3. Winning, Santana (Lisa Alpert, CMJ)
  4. Rocket, Def Leppard (Jeff Mesnik, CMJ)
  5. I Won’t Back Down, Tom Petty (Karen Dasey, CMJ)
  6. Can’t Stop the Feeling, Justin Timberlake (Liz Webb Green, CMJ)
  7. A Little Less Conversation, Elvis Presley (Ken Grondel, CMJ)
  8. Happy, Pharrel Williams (Amber Shimkus, CMJ)
  9. Badlands, Bruce Springsteen (Marc Surplus, CMJ)
  10. We Are the Champions, Queen (Thimaya Subaiya, Cisco & Eve Garvey)
  11. Raise Your Hands, Bon Jovi (John Moses, Cisco)
  12. Eye of the Tiger, Survivor (Boon Lai, Cisco)
  13. With A Little Help From My Friends, Joe Cocker Cover (Terry Moffatt, Channel Marketer Report)
  14. Till I Collapse, Eminem (Brian Helwig, Cloudberry Lab)
  15. Lose Yourself, Eminem (David Cope, Cisco)
  16. We Can Work it Out, The Beatles — Remastered 2009 (Rich Hasslacher, Slack)
  17. Try Everything, Shakira ( Sarah Muckler Visser, Microsoft)
  18. September, Earth, Wind and Fire (Luanne Tierney, LT & Assoc)
  19. Let’s Dance, David Bowie (Dennis Crupi, Ingram Micro)
  20. Three Little Birds, Bob Marley (Ken Keyes, CMJ)
  21. You Can’t Break Me, Glenton Davis  (Glenton Davis, Microsoft)
  22. Sunflower,  Post Malone and Swae Lee (Cydney Hoffnagle, Microsoft)
  23. Right Now, Van Halen (Melissa Nacerino, Palo Alto Networks)
  24. Nothin’ but a Good Time, Poison (Melissa Nacerino, Palo Alto Networks)
  25. Feel It Still, Portugal (Sandra Glaser Cheek, Ciena)
  26. Wind of Change, Scorpions (Diana Ishak, Microsoft)
  27. Adios Black M + Abou Debeing (Diana Ishak, Microsoft)