7 Channel Marketing Priorities for 2018

Luanne Tierney, CEO LT & Associates, Channel Marketing Agency, We Energize Your Ecosystem

Content is more important than ever. As I often mention, we are living in an attention economy, which requires your business to have a clear value proposition and differentiator that resonates with your audience. Your customers should feel like your brand is providing a real value exchange, not just selling products. But brand ownership power has shifted, putting your customers and channel in a position to be your biggest brand advocates.

What are the implications of these trends on content marketing in the channel? Here are my top 7 recommendations for achieving success in the channel this year:

  1. Personalize everything
  2. Hire people that have great writing skills
  3. Keep great video content coming
  4. Build an authentic social media strategy
  5. Think about how to embrace the IoT for future positioning
  6. Look at ways to use chatbots and AI in your marketing efforts
  7. Amplify your brand by enabling your sales team to embrace social media