Is Through-Partner Marketing Automation the Answer to Channel Program Simplification?

In the spring of 2018, Forrester Principal Analyst Jay McBain published a blog predicting that interest in through-partner marketing automation (TPMA) will grow significantly over the next few years. 

At Channel Marketing Journal, we agree. The extension of Cisco Marketing Velocity Central and Microsoft’s focus on helping partners conquer content chaos are clear signs TPMA is poised to usher in the next sales and marketing transformation wave.  

It’s all about helping partners adapt to new tech consumption models and meet customer engagement demands by simplifying access to vendor content, messaging and demand generation campaigns. It ties in to vendors’ growing recognition that being easy to do business with is highly valued in the channel. 

Simplicity is a frequent topic of our conversations around channel enablement. ThreatQuotien’s Director of Alliances Haig Colter, puts simplicity in the same bucket as repeatability and reliability in this edition’s Channel Marketer Perspective interview. Watch this video for highlights of our conversation — including Colter’s views on why traditional partner portals are no longer an effective way to manage channel partnerships. 

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