Channel Marketers: Why You Need SEs on Your Side

In collaborative channels where working the influence chain and pursuing co-sell partnerships can open doors to the right buyers, who do you want on your side once in the door?

This topic came up in a conversation with Varonis Vice President of Channel Operations and Strategic Accounts, Mark Wilcox. During an interview with Channel Marketing Journal, he talks about the success of the company’s four-pillar approach to channel partner enablement, which includes a focus on gaining mindshare among SEs (systems engineers).

As trusted advisors to end-user customers, SEs have a lot of influence with channel partner sales reps, Wilcox says. The buy-in of one SE can get channel marketers the mindshare of five sales reps, making the SE connection a “forced multiplier.” This video showing highlights from our conversation provides more insight into Varonis’s innovative approach to channel partner enablement. Watch it now.