How Gartner’s “Cool New PAM Vendor” Disrupts Security Through an Engaged Channel of Disruptors

While at the IAMCP of Southern California last week, I was reminded again of how engaged the Microsoft partner community really is. But the strength of Microsoft’s partner community goes beyond just being engaged — it’s also very tight knit. 

Microsoft’s success at creating highly-engaged, close-knit partner communities is a differentiator. For a lot of vendors, getting partners excited about engaging is still a challenge. 

Remediant, a privileged access management company just named “Cool New PAM Vendor” by Gartner, is an exception. The company’s strategy for motivating partners to engage is to target the right partners, in this case, partners that share Remediant’s focus on creating disruption with new, amazing software.

Channel Marketing Journal recently caught up with Remediant’s new Global Head of Channels, Bryan Copeland. We spent most of our conversation talking about the company’s approach to targeting partners with missions and cultures that align. Watch this video for highlights of our interview.